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" My goal is to make the art market more accessible and diverse through actively educating and supporting aspiring curators across the globe." 

Tina Ziegler

Founder of The Ziegler Academy

Founded in 2010, The Ziegler Academy has taught over 3000+ students from across the globe, empowering aspiring art curators, cultural facilitators and creative leaders to create change within their art community and in their own personal careers. All our courses are taught through live digital lectures or in-person workshops and offer hands on and practical information to ensure our students leave ready to implement what they have learned.


Our global alumni community connects curators from all backgrounds and helps to form an international and diverse platform. We hope to create change in the art market and arts industry as a whole, through the empowerment and education of people who need it most.

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Tina Ziegler, founded The Ziegler Academy in 2010 in London to educate and prepare her staff to work in the art market. The training course quickly became an established workshop and has gone on to inspire students across the globe. Since her teens, Ziegler has been a torchbearer for the contemporary art movement, having spent the last 20 years as a professional curator and project director, advocating and supporting the art movement she loves.


Since 2015, Ziegler has held the position as brand director and curator of Moniker International Art Fair. Ziegler took Moniker to the global stage under her management, and helped the fair quickly become the world's most important art fair for the Urban and New Contemporary art movement, specializing in Immersive installations, quality curation and brand partnerships. 

Ziegler has always put engagement and education at the forefront of her work, founding The Art Conference, a 'TED Talks' of the art world, alongside The Ziegler Academy  teaching young artists and curators how to thrive in the art market. Her Curators of Colour grant offers free tuition and mentorship to young aspiring curators of colour from around the world. 

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